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Central Mosque in Ho Chi Minh City

For Muslim travellers, this little information that I am going to tell you may help to find these services fast enough when you visit this city in the future. It is about a mosque and halal restaurants. Since there are few Muslims in Vietnam, certainly these services are important to the Muslim visitors.

There are a few mosques in Ho Chi Minh City. This includes the one in Cholon, a mosque along Nguyen Van Troi Street and of course the Central Mosque.

The Central Mosque is located at Dong Du Street in Ho Chi Minh City. Dong Du Street is located between Dong Khoi and Ba Trung Streets. It is about one kilometre (to the north) from Ben Thanh Market. You need to follow Le Loi Avenue and turn right to Dong Khoi Street and look for Sheraton Hotel. The mosque is quite old and had staircases.

Central Mosque in Ho Chi Minh City

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