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Mosque Islamabad Pakistan

Mosque Islamabad PakistanMosque Islamabad Pakistan Mosque Islamabad Pakistan
Mosque Islamabad Pakistan

Faisal mosque, the largest and the most beautiful mosque of Pakistan. It is the largest mosque of South-Asia. Located very aesthetically at the footprints of Margallah hills, it gives the very best of Islamabad. The mosque was a dream made true by His Excellency [Late] King Faisal of Saudia Arabia. The very elegant and pleasing design was a masterpiece by the Turkish architect Vedat. And due to the great interest and force of His Excellency [Late] king Faisal, this mosque is named Faisal Mosque.

The mosque holds beautiful Islamic artifact work done by famous Pakistani artists Gulgee and Sadiqain[whose page does not exist on wikipedia unfortunately]. And the mosque used to hold the campus of International Islamic University that is one of the premium educational institute of Pakistan. Another great thing about Faisal Mosque is that it hosts Dawah academy, an academy that promotes peaceful teaching of Islam. This academy prints and distributes very professionally managed weekly sermon freely on Friday prayers. There is a shop in Faisal mosque that sells very good books like Masnawi of Maulana Rumi, Harun Yahya books, and other great books.

In the evenings - whether it be winter, summer, spring or autumn - it is a great feeling to walk in the corridor of Faisal Mosque and after that one can have tea or cold drinks and samosas from the mini-cafe there.

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